Offical WSHE-FM is No Longer on FM Radio, WSHE-FM Has been Replaced With a Server as We Have Moved To

'SHE' The Florida Radio Station WSHE Ft Lauderdale Miami, has Been Rebranded and Launched Onto The Internet and is Currently Owned By Tanner Communications, (Tanner Bros) Possessing Full Ownership,Trademarked & Copyright Legal Rights as Listed Publicly Below.

WSHE 103.5 FM as Most of You All Remember Went Off-Air (1995) As We Were Bought By Paxson.

WSHE Was Sister Of WSRF Surf 16 On The AM Dial. Both Owned By John Tenaglia Of (TK Communications).

Our Old Davie Studio Bldg As You Might Recall In 'Silver Oakes' Tailer Park No Longer Stands. Demolition Began On Our Original Studio Bldg In '2002 To Make Way For Town Houses. We Sadly Watched As The Cranes Knocked-Down The AM Radio Towers Behind Our Studio. The Interior Studio & Office Area Was Being Gutted As If It Never Existed, We Watched As Over 30 Years Of Memories Were Being Hauled Away By Construction Crews.

Here's The Short Story Behind SHE;

Nickname Was SHE 103.. No Person Grew Up In South Fla That Didn't Listen To SHE 103, Throughout The 70's Thru The Mid 90's.! WSHE 103.5 Was a Radio Station That You Took Everywhere You Went Throughout The 70's 80's And Well Into The 90's..
SHE 103 Was Suddenly OFF-AIR One Day In 1995, Only To Learn That SHE 103 Was Bought Out To Paxson, Followed By Clear Channel And Was Quickly Transformed Into Clear Channels Corp Radio Genre Of Main Stream Flash-In-The-Pan Programming.

For Over 25 Years, The Station Call Letters Were WSHE, and The Station Slogan Was SHE'S ONLY ROCK'N ROLLŪ

In 1995, a Format Change Was Made From Album Oriented Rock To An Alternative/Hot AC Hybrid Format, And The Call Was Changed To WPLL, Nicknamed "Planet Radio." Another Format Change (this time to Disco hits of the 70's) Resulted In Another Call Letter Change To WMGE, "Mega 103.5"

'2002, Month Of March, WSHE Was On-Air Again However,On The Frequency Of (105.5)FM, To Be Broadcasting At a Low Power Range At An ERP Level Of About 2,000 Watts, 125% Modulation Level Reaching Out To About a 25 Mile Radius.

19 KHZ Carrier Was Launched and History in South Florida Began To Unfold Once Again

WSHE 105.5 FM Lower Power Quickly Made The Diary Arbitron Ratings In Greater South Broward / North Miami.Being Listed In The Diary After 4 Months On-Air At Low Power Is a Compliment We Did Not Expect.

2007, We Voluntarily Made A Decision To Remove Our FM Carrier As We Were Denied Class B License & Construction Permit Within Our Local Market.

WSHE Studios Is Based Out Of Aventura Florida.WSHE Uses Two Studios Locally And Uses One Studio Located In North Carolina.

We Actually Bring FM Radio Right Into Your Speakers.! We Do Not Believe In (MP3 Audio Format) / We Process Our Audio at a Sample Rate Of 96KHZ - No Less Than Direct CD's at 44.1KHZ, Is How We Achieve Our Signature Sound.
Our Engineers Also Beta Test for Orban Telos & Aphex.We Will Also Be Beta Testing Omnia 11 This Season.

SHE Radio is now broadcasting through the internet these days. SHE Radio also known as WSHE Miami Ft Lauderdale, South Florida's Classic Rock. The Internet Radio Station nicknamed SHE Radio got its name from WSHE Miami Ft Lauderdale Radio. SHE Radio Station has Been Re-Branded Playing Deeper Cuts of Album Rock. SHE Radio, SHE Radio Station's original Audio Engineers and some Old School Air Talent from the old SURF16 AM Radio For South Florida Radio, located in Davie Florida. Remember the old Surf16? WSRF AM 1580 Radio was located in the same building as WSHE 103.5 FM / SHE Radio was the nickname. Perhaps you might remember ShesOnlyRock'NRoll South Florida's SHE Radio WSHE103.. SHE Radio Station Rocks Here - SHE Radio - SHE Radio South Florida - SHE Radio On The Internet - SHE Radio Miami - SHE Radio Online - SHE Radio Rock Radio SHE Radio is Web Radio - SHE Radio Rocks Here - SHE Radio Florida Radio - SHE Radio is Rock and Roll - SHE Radio is Back On Air - SHE Radio is Loud SHE Radio Miami's Home For Rock & Roll - SHE Radio Oldies Radio - SHE Radio On Air - SHE Radio Streams Here - SHE Radio Psychedelic Sunday's - SHE Radio Double Shot Tuesday's - SHE Radio Album Sides at 8PM - SHE Radio DeeJays - SHE Radio Deejay Sonny Fox - SHE Radio Deejay Gary Martin - SHE Radio Deejay Randy Thomas - SHE Radio Deejay Skip Herman - SHE Radio Deejay Jim Mcbean - SHE Radio Deejay Mitch Phillips - SHE Radio Deejay Joe St.Peter - SHE Radio Program Director Gary Grainger - SHE Radio Program Director Johnny Dark - SHE Radio Deejay Tom Griffiths - SHE Radio Deejay John Ford

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